HOURS   Mon & THURS 10 to 1   TUES & WED 1 to 6  SAT 9 to 1

You will need your Wardsboro Public Library card with the barcode on it.

If you don't have one, here is how to get one. They are free.

First time only registration - you only have to do this once!

Start with this code number 2053550000 and then add the last 4 digits from your library card number to register the first time. 

The registration number for library card number 1000001 would be

20535500000001 = 14 digits


2053550000+last four digits of your library card number = 14 digits in all

Download the APP for your device or computer - Mac, Android, and desktop or laptop computer media managers for e-books and audiobooks. Free.

First step - Register! See note top of this page about registering! You only have to do this once. Free.

Next time - just sign in, browse, and download. Free.

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