Don't throw them out!  During  the last two weeks of June,  we always happily accept used book donations, as well as audiobooks on CDs, games and movies on DVDs, when we begin the yearly book drive. Read the guidelines on this page.


Donate wisely - we can only sell popular novels, recent nonfiction, good reference books, the classics, romance paperbacks, upscale magazines (not Reader's Digests), audio CDs without defects, movies on CDs, and clean and undamaged children's books and games.


The big book sale is held annually on the Fourth of July. starting at 9AM.

 **Effective 2.16.21 we are suspending book donations as we have run out of storage space**

​BEFORE DONATING used books and media and other materials, please email

Thank you.

Adopted September 2020

New Guidelines for Donating Used Books and Media

Please read this list of tips before donating used books and media to the Library.

Generally, if a book or media (DVD or audio book) can be re-sold or added to the collection the Wardsboro Public Library will accept the donation. The Library Trustees and Staff and the Patrons greatly appreciate donation of books because it is an important ongoing fundraiser for the Library.

Thank you for helping the Library by following these Donation Guidelines. Books  and media are gratefully accepted with the understanding that they may be discarded, given away, or sold for fundraising.


The Wardsboro Public Library primarily uses donated books, DVDs, and audio books as a means of fundraising by reselling the books and media in two locations: 1) at the annual Book Sale  2) inside the Library at the “Book Nook.”

On occasion, new books, classics, and other books and media are added to the Library’s collection and go into Circulation or Reference.

  • The Library accepts New books and media.

  • The Library accepts used books and media in Like New to Very Good condition, suitable for resale or addition to the collection.

  • The Library accepts some Collectible Books.

The definitions are:

  • New: A brand-new copy with dust cover (book jacket or wrappings) on the cover intact.


  • Used - Like New: Item may have minor cosmetic defects (such as marks, wears, cuts, bends, or crushes) on the cover, spine, pages, or dust cover. Dust cover is intact and pagesare clean and not marred by notes. Discs are not scratched or damaged.


  • Used - Very Good: Item may have minor cosmetic defects (such as marks, wears, cuts, bends, or crushes) on the cover, spine, pages, or dust cover.

  • The Library accepts Collectible Books, noted as:


  • First editions and first printings

  • Signed, inscribed, or scarce copies

  • Advance reading copies and uncorrected proofs of out-of-print books


Collectible books do not include the following:


  • Uncorrected proofs of in-print or not-yet-published books

  • Former library books

  • Remaindered books

  • Book club editions



The Library does not accept books in Unacceptable Condition, noted as:


  • Missing, stained, or torn pages

  • Dirty, torn, warped or stained cover

  • Broken spines and cracked bindings

  • Highlighted text or margin notes

  • Books with foxed (spotted) pages

  • Books from a smoke filled atmosphere (fire smoke or cigarettes/cigars smoke)

  • Books with mold or mildew

  • Books that have been improperly stored

  • Books that need repairs or books that have repairs



General Categories of books and publications that the Library does not accept


  • Almanacs

  • American Heritage

  • Atlases

  • Blank Books and Journals

  • Bibles, Missals, Prayer Books

  • Books in foreign languages

  • Cliff Notes Books

  • Coffee Table Books – with exceptions depending on subject, author, or publisher

  • Computer and Tech Manuals

  • Dictionaries and Foreign Language Dictionaries

  • Encyclopedias for adults or children

  • Magazines and Periodicals

  • Medical Reference Books

  • Pamphlets

  • Personal Papers and Diaries

  • Product Manuals

  • Quotation Reference Books

  • Readers’ Digest Books

  • Record Albums

  • Thesauruses

  • Teaching Guides

  • Textbooks (including “for Dummies”)

  • Time Life

  • Travel, Restaurant, Hotel Guides over 2 years old

  • Yearbooks