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Thanks for Coming!

This past Saturday was a glorious day to celebrate the Vermont State vegetable, the Gilfeather Turnip, and to show off the Wardsboro Public Library.

Hosted by the Library Trustees, with assistance from the Friends of the Wardsboro Library, Gilfeather Turnip Day offered everything Gilfeather Turnip- Turnip soup, turnips by the pounds, turnip themed merchandise, turnip seeds, a turnip contest, turnip kids games, a turnip puppet show, plus the Gilfeather Turnip movie and talk .

The most exciting moment was the arrival of a 52 lb Gilfeather Turnip. Guinness records states that the largest Turnip was 39lb 3 oz , so this breaks that, though is our veggie a true turnip? More discussion to follow.

Run entirely by volunteers, it is a major fundraiser for the Wardsboro Public Library. When it opened at 10am, they were already lined up for the famous Gilfeather Turnip Soup and were loading their bags with Gilfeather Turnips. The Library, with its wonderful barn addition, was open for all to wander through or sit and relax and watch the Gilfeather Turnip movie. Attendees from as far as northern Vermont purchased copies of the Gilfeather Turnip Cookbook, Turnip ornaments and the new tea towels with the famous Gilfeather Soup recipe on them. If you didn’t have a chance to grab some, they are available on the Friends website-

John Gilfeather would be proud of his vegetable and how it has helped over the past 20 years to support the Wardsboro library.


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