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July 4th Raffle

Wardsboro Fourth of July Raffle of Rare H. Branford Folk Art Print

WARDSBORO -- On July 4, 2024 at the Wardsboro Public Library raffle booth the prize is a rare art print by

Vermont folk artist Henry Branford. The colorful winter scene is titled “Wardsboro City” — and it is a numbered

print, signed by the artist. Beautifully matted and set in a dark walnut frame, it is about 27” wide by 23” high.

The value of the framed print, because so few prints were produced and it was created about 30 years ago, is

estimated at $350. It was given to the Wardsboro Public Library by an anonymous donor who has been a long-

time patron and friend.

The Library’s raffle booth, with the Branford print in display, opens at 9 am on Thursday, July 4th on Main Street

across from the Town Hall.

To make this pop-up art raffle especially attractive, the Library volunteers are selling a limited 100 chances to

enter the drawing. Chances are $20 each. The drawing is on the same day as the festivities, and the winner does

not need to be present to claim the prize that day.

Henry Branford, a self-taught Vermont folk artist, is best known for his highly detailed and nostalgic scenes,

including Wardsboro and nearby villages. It has been many years since his original artworks and prints have

been in the art market. “Wardsboro City” is a witty “moment in time” composition, typical of his signature style

that depicts a pair of skiers being towed through newly fallen snow down Main Street in Wardsboro. The skiers

are holding onto ropes tied to the back bumper of an old red pickup truck. One of the skiers has lost one of his

skis. Meanwhile, a barking dog and children all bundled up in hats and scarves are also running and playing in

the snowy street. There’s a snowman off to the side, and in the warm glow of a window of one of the homes on

Main Street, a little cat quietly sits on the windowsill watching everything. Branford included a nativity crèche

with figures, sheep, and camels in the background next to a building that was a church in those days, to indicate

that the season is Christmastime in Wardsboro as Henry Branford imagined it might have been around the mid-


The Trustees of the Wardsboro Public Library are grateful to the donor who offered this remarkable prize. The

Branford print may be viewed at the Wardsboro Public Library in the days before the Fourth during regular


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